About Us

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As the hippest and the most popular nightclub in Orlando, Florida, we’ve got everything, that a dance music junkie, an avid party goer or an occasional clubber might want or like!

All of our weeknights, and especially our weekends (Friday through Sunday) are just filled with electrifying sets, badass DJs and MCs and incredible booze at our bar…
Visiting our nightclub is so much more than partying… We’re proud to set new standards in how people rock out on the lounge and the dance floor!

Our hardcore partying mix of the most mainstream, just as well as the up-and-coming electronic music artists create a unique feel and a great mood!

Room33 Nightclub

Parties per year

26 years old

Cocktails in the bar

Total capacity

Additionally to that, we want to ensure you that our club is completely safe, as we’re constantly enhancing and improving our indoors security! Our club’s security team will always be of help to you, just like any other staff members working at our club!
Also, we’re offering a multitude if miscellaneous VIP lounge zones, located across all of our premises… Be it for a personal space and partying, or a massive get-together by a company of 5 people and more – your privacy and comfort is sacred to us!

Call us to book a table tonight!